Who are we?

Kaptain is not a travel and tour agency; Kaptain is an experience whose aim is to help you discover Mexican culture, way of life, the beauty of the country and its diving sites.


Our commitment

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Our mission

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Our vision

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My name is Fernando Kaplun, and I was born in Mexico City.

Although I grew up in one of the world’s largest cities, my passion for deep-sea diving came very quickly. This was made possible by one of my dear aunts, Mexico’s first female diving instructor. She used to take us with her on her travels all over the country. It was obvious to me that I wanted to be a diver!

At the age of 12, I obtained my first diving certification.

After studying “International Business” in Mexico City, at the age of 20 I made the big decision to follow my dream and move to Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya, on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. I want to make a living from my passion, I want to live happily on the beach.

That’s how my career as a diving instructor began 16 years ago.

I first worked on the beach, learning different water sports (windsurfing, fishing, snorkeling, sailing…) then in a diving center in a prestigious hotel. It was a very enriching experience, during which I learned about the needs and requirements of different customers.

After 5 years of apprenticeship as an employee, I needed a new challenge. I wanted to open my own diving center. At a time when I thought that my studies in International Trade would never serve me, it was the right time to put all this knowledge to good use. Sharing the same passion with a very dear friend, we decided to embark on this crazy adventure!

In 2012, we were given the opportunity to open not just a diving center, but an entire “marina” with diving and other water sports within a prestigious 5* hotel, the BlueBay Grand Esmeralda.

Dive-X was born.

Day by day, ten years pass. So many faces, so much history and learning, and yet it feels like my first day was yesterday. Making a living from your passion is a real pleasure and a great opportunity. How many dives have I done? Good question, but as they say, “When you love, you don’t count”.

I like challenges and I love to learn. Over the last few years, I’ve never stopped improving and training myself. I’m not only a diving instructor, but also a cave diving guide. In the famous cenotes of the Riviera Maya.

The hotel that houses my diving center not only gave me professional freedom, but also enabled me to meet my wife while she was there as a holidaymaker…

In December 2021, after a 6-year relationship, we said “I do” to each other in the northern French city of Lille, where she is originally from. My life took a completely different turn. Dive-X is working well, and I feel I need a new challenge.

I want to go further. I want to share my passion and my culture, so I created Kaptain.

Kaptain is not a travel and tour agency, Kaptain is an experience, my experience. I’d like you to discover Mexican culture, my way of life and above all the beauty of my country and its diving sites.

We’ll travel together from France to Mexico, taking in some of the best diving on the Riviera Maya. It’ll be an adventure, a voyage of total immersion with a native. You’ll also discover traditional Mexican dishes and places where only locals go, away from the tourists.

I’m passionate about what I do and very proud of my country. What makes me happy is sharing what I have.

Do you like diving? Do you like new perspectives and adventure? Then I’ve got just what you need!

Contact me and let’s get to know each other. Let’s set up a meeting online or in a café, and I’ll be more than happy to meet you.

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